The Hopwood Trust

The land which is used by Crompton Cricket Club, Crompton Bowling Club, the adjacent football pitch and much of the surrounding land and footpaths all form part of the land known as the 'Hopwood Trust'.


This land was purchased on the 14th September 1921 for the princely sum of £1,250.00.  The money was given by Sir William Hopwood to six trustees for the purpose of purchasing the land described in the schedule for the purpose of Cricket, Bowls or such other form of recreation as the Trustees shall think fit.


The trustees at the time being:


James Wrigley

Edward Clegg

Henry William Taylor

Frederick Smith

Herbert Hargreaves

Festus Fielden Gartside


To date the land remains in trust and is known as 'The Hopwood Trust'.  The trust is managed by six trustees, 2 from the cricket club, 2 from the bowling club and 2 from Oldham Council.  The current trustees are:


Mick Lee,  Crompton Cricket Club

Glenn Rigby,  Crompton Cricket Club

Bob Horrocks,  Crompton Bowling Club

Brian Whitney,  Crompton Bowling Club

John Hudson,  OMBC Mayor

Paul Entwistle,  OMBC Legal Executive


A full copy of the 'Hopwood Trust' deed and map detailing the land is available at Crompton Cricket Club should you wish to view it.

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